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5 Best Corgi Dog Toys

Corgi dog toys are hard to come by, mainly because Corgis specialize in finding the weakspot of a toy and ripping it to shreds. Below I’ve compiled some of the best, resilient dog toys I could find for Corgis.

Rubber Chew Toys

I found rubber toys to be your best bet when looking for a resilient Corgi dog toy. Though these ones are specifically a harder rubber to help with the break up of plaque, the softer rubber ones that squeak are also great because they’re very difficult to destroy. They’re also very cheap and replaceable in case they’re lost.

  • Price: $
  • Summary: Rubber chew toys offer an easy way to break up plaque on a Corgis teeth, as well as being resilient due to a full rubber construction


Puzzles are great for Corgis because they’re working dogs. If their brains aren’t stimulated enough they become destructive and depressed. Puzzles are a great way to keep a Corgi busy when you need to get some work done and also come in varying degrees of difficulty.

  • Price: $
  • Summary: Puzzles vary in difficulty and help keep your Corgi busy.

Snuffle Mat

The snuffle mat, like puzzles, are a way to give your Corgi a task. Because scent processing is such a big part of the dog brain, a Snuffle Mat gives your Corgi an opportunity to use its nose and the power of scent to find treats you hide in the mat.

  • Price: $
  • Summary: Snuffle mat’s come in adjustable sizes to increase difficulty and keep your Corgi working.

Dog Treat Ball

Dog treat balls are yet another way to keep a Corgi busy. It’s good to keep a variety of these toys around as once a Corgi figures something out it becomes bored quickly. Rotating different toys, puzzles and balls helps keep things fresh for your Corgi.

  • Price: $
  • Summary: Puzzles vary in difficulty and help keep your Corgi busy.

Regular Ol’ Ball

A regular ol’ ball is great for just playing fetch at the park. Corgis are an active breed and need at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense activity everyday. Playing fetch is a great way to get some exercise for both you and your Corgi. I recommend some of these mesh rubber balls, they’re bigger, which means they’re harder to lose, and are more entertaining than a regular ball for your Corgi.

  • Price: $
  • Summary: These hexagonal mesh balls are more entertaining for your Corgi and harder to lose. Highly recommend these.


In conclusion, a variety of different dog toys help to keep your Corgi healthy and busy. I tend to avoid rope-based toys or toys with a lot of sewn on parts as I’ve found my Corgi in particular seems to go for the stitching and always finds a way to destroy them. Aside from the concern of him ingesting a bunch of rope and having an intestine issue, it gets quite expensive buying these fabric based toys that claim to be indestructible.

Christo Mitov

Hi, my name’s Christo and I’ve had my Corgi, Benji for over three years. This blog is a collection of experiences and research I’ve done during that time to help other Corgi owners.