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Are Corgis Hypoallergenic? What To Know

You know what they say: knowledge is power. And when it comes to allergies and pets, being informed is key. So, let's talk about corgis and whether or not they…

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Can Corgis Swim?

Not all Corgis are enthusiastic about taking a dip. In fact, some of them downright dislike it! But fear not, dear reader, for we are here to explore the reasons…

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Do Corgis Bark A Lot?

Have you ever been around a Corgi and wondered if they're the canine equivalent of a chatterbox? These little dogs are known for their lovable personalities, but they're also quite…

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Why Do Corgis Sploot?

You've probably seen Corgi splooting all over social media as an internet sensation, but what exactly is splooting and why do Corgis do it? In this blog post, we will…


Do Corgis Have Tails?

Corgis are classified as "docked" breeds, which means that they have their tails docked when they are puppies. The American Kennel Club consider this as part of the breed standard.…


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