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The Corgi Fairy Saddle Legend

Have you ever given thought to the incredible past of the Corgi dog breed? These cute, fluffy dogs may have been cherished by the late Queen Elizabeth II, but they have a wealthy and unparalleled history that extends beyond the royal family. As a matter of fact, according to Welsh legend, Corgis were once the favored mounts of fairies in ancient times.

That’s right, you heard correctly – Corgis aren’t just a herding dog, they used to be battle-ready beasts of burden for the wee folk. Specifically, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed was given by fairies to human children to be utilized for various tasks. They were said to be excellent at pulling the fairies’ carts and carriages, and even rode into battle with their tiny masters.

But the Corgis’ mythical origin fun facts do not end there. In fact, their very name is derived from Welsh folklore – gi means dog in Welsh and cor means dwarf, so the name Corgi literally translates to “dog of the dwarfs” or dwarf dog (due to their stubby legs).

Many Corgis also have a white markings and a dark patch of fur (harness marks) under their shoulders called the Corgi fairy saddle. This enigmatic patch is thought to be a remnant of the Corgis’ time as fairy steeds and is believed to have special powers and properties.

Though small in size, Corgis have a significant history as fierce warrior pups of the fairy tribes world. And if they ever begin nipping at your heels, do not be shocked – it is simply a throwback to their time as battle-ready beasts.

But the Corgis’ connection with fairy warriors does not simply stop at their legendary origins. As a matter of fact, it is said that if you outfit a Corgi with a collar made of iron or steel, it will prevent the Corgi from biting its owner. Fairies, you see, have a natural aversion to those metals, so a Corgi with a steel collar is less likely to misbehave.

So, the next time you see a Corgi, remember that they have a long and illustrious history as the preferred mounts of the fairy world. Though small, they are mighty and have a rich cultural heritage that is worth learning about. Whether pulling a fairy carriage in fairy saddle legend or simply lounging at home, Corgis are truly one of a kind.

Christo Mitov

Hi, my name’s Christo and I’ve had my Corgi, Benji for over three years. This blog is a collection of experiences and research I’ve done during that time to help other Corgi owners.